Build Season: Week 5 Update

February 10, 2019

Team members of Red Raider Robotics have been really cooperative and helpful even through that we have had multiple days off; they were still eager to work on the robot. We made up the off days and now we are even more excited than ever to get our robot in the bag.


Design Team: The Design Team Finished working on the Electrical Board, and also have finalized some of the Robot's Design. They worked on the lift motor as well.


Build Team: The Build Team Worked on making brackets, the also have worked on the second robot.  They made the electrical board for the first robot, they are also made the bumper material.

Programming Team: The Programming Team worked on software and IDE Installation on computers, worked on completing autonomous methods. explored vision tracking, also worked with calculations for autonomous hatch panels and cargo delivery.


Business Team: The Business Team worked on finishing the team buttons, edited the mobile website. They worked on making a slideshow on Red Raider Robotics for North/South High School.

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