Build Week 5

February 10, 2018


As Week 5 comes to a close, all of the sub-teams are working hard to complete all of their tasks before Bag Night on February 20. 


Design Team-
The Design Team has been working on multiple different climber designs. They have started to 3-D print some of their prototypes for further testing. Some members are also putting together our bill of materials. The bill of materials is a document that includes all of the parts used on our robot and prices of the parts. Other members have created stencils for the team number on our bumpers. Two members also created designs for possible key chains. 


Build Team-

The Build team has completed building most of the first robot. They are currently waiting for parts to arrive to finish it up. The have also started working on building a practice robot and constructing the bumpers. 


Programming Team-

The Programming Team finished up their code for the teleop period . They have started to practice driving using the actual robot. 


Business Team-

The Business Team has been working hard to get our new website up and running. They also kept working on the business plan. Members are working on the planning stage for our Chairman's Award video. Two of the members from the programming team worked on creating a great essay to submit for the Chairman's Award.

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