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Week 1 of Build Season

Week one of build season for us is officially over, and we finished a ton! During the pre-season, as you can see in a previous blog post, we had a swerve chassis ready to go. This swerve chassis was 30 X 30, which just barely fit the frame perimeter. We decided to go 26 X 26 for our Mk4i chassis, as it would more likely fit more robots on the charging station. During our first week, we finished our main chassis! It was all ready to go and built other than electrical boards, which we temporarily put wooden laser cut ones on instead. It was still a blast of a first week and we have accomplished more in less time compared to previous years. We put together the grid and half of the charging station. The other subsystems are still on track in the prototyping phase. They even started to design some of the concrete parts! Have a great rest of your week and see you all next week!

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