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Summer Exhibitions

Lakeshore Invitational (7/16)

The Mukwonago BEARs invited us to their off-season event. This event was great practice for our potential 2023 drive team, being the second off-season competition where they could drive Aeolus (our Rapid React Robot). It was the perfect place for them to practice driving along with our human player who attempted to coach the drivers! The new captains and leads went around the pits interacting with other teams making game plans for each round. We placed 6th overall and the 4th alliance captain. Overall it was a great experience and hope to do more off-season competing in the future!

MROC (7/23-24)

We competed at the lakeshore invitational this summer. Low ceilings but high morale. Setting up was the hardest part for our lead programmer was not able to be there with us. We accidentally brought our whole robot to link it with the field! Once we connected we headed to the field and started our autonomous phase, almost frying a motor mid-task. Luckily there was no major damage done to the motor and the smoking was due to a loose wire. Even with our rookie drive team we still did really well! We placed 4th overall and were picked by the 2nd alliance captains! Our team really enjoyed the event and we hope to be invited back in the future!

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