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Sponsorship Presentations

Vollrath Presentation (11/2)

Vollrath Company gave us the opportunity to present to some of their staff after another year of their sponsorship to our team. Instead of only going over what our team has accomplished over the years, we went over the math and programming of our shooter and climber for our 2022 robot. Even though the engineers do this for a living, they were still astounded by the creativity and skill that went behind all of it. It was the first time doing this for our current captains, but even so they did a fantastic job. Additionally, our captains were taken to a studio and interviewed on why we joined our robotics team. Even though it was nerve-racking, everyone had a

good time leaving with a sense of


American Orthodontics Presentation (11/16)

After Sheboygan North toured American Orthodontics, they gave our team the opportunity to do a presentation for some of their associates. We went through an overview of our team structure and the math and programming of our current robot. Afterwards, we showed off our 2022 FRC robot Aeolus and our 2023 FTC robot Fear The Gear #21578 robot BabyBot. The engineers had lots of great questions and were astounded by what our members have accomplished. The person who organized it, linked the four Sub-Teams that we have, Business, Design, Manufacturing, and Programming to show how they have similar systems in their company. A lot of engineers were jealous of us being able to 3D print out of a squishy material and being able to replicate parts instead of buying them. We all had a great time presenting to American Orthodontics and we hope to present for them again!

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