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Hello all! Kickoff for us was a wonderful holiday. Before the Pre-Show, we decided to look at past kickoff videos with the other 40 members that showed up on our team. We all had a blast, then all of a sudden, the tab that had the kickoff video on went live. And showed us all the neat little things that happened over the past years. Going to the kickoff video, we were stunned but at the same time happy with the game. Some of us were speculating a pick and place game, while others were positive it was a water game, maybe next year. We were happy that we could use our Mk4i. It was still a blast arguing and debating with our other members to see what design we would work with. This is also the first year that we decided to do a lock-In. We kicked all of the other members out at 5:00 and locked in the other members for the night. It was a blast with prototyping, and after midnight struck, we couldn’t use heavy machinery, but we still did various things for the robot. We decided to start playing games like jackbox and among us until 4 AM. Only a few of us pulled an all-nighter, which probably wasn’t the best thing to do on a school weekend, but we did it anyway. Overall, it was a blast and we would love to do something similar next year. Additionally, our business team put together an hour-by-hour check-in until 3 AM, when they accidentally fell asleep. But that video will be posted here along with all of the fantastic photos they took!

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