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John Michael Kohler Art Center

Studio Moments (6/28, 7/12, 7/26, & 8/9)

John Michael Kohler Arts Center reached out to our team to collaborate on an upcoming event of theirs called Levitt Amp. The plan was to go into the arts center and build something for children to contribute to as a community art piece at their Levitt Amp Music Series. Our Captains (Leyna, Andrew, & Harsshitha) met with Hannah Jakus from JMKAC where they decided on making a framework that could be added to with whatever the children decide to make. We met on four separate occasions in The Studio at JMKAC, where we worked on mini robots and set the plan for the Community Based art piece for Levitt Amp. With the help of passing patrons of JMKAC, built a framework for our part in the Levitt Amp Event.

Levitt Amp Concert Series (8/11/2022)

The day was upon us! We were so happy to of met everyone that came and interacted with the sculpture. We put over 50 CD’s on the sculpture! Thank you to John Michel Kohler Arts Center for the CD’s and the materials needed to add to the sculpture. Every robotics member had a chance to aid a child in adding their CD to the now kinetic sculpture. We even brought Aeolus along with our mini robots! The robots all interacted with the children and had a wonderful evening!

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