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FLL Competition at LTC (11/12)

It’s been a while! We were graciously invited to Lakeland Technical college over the weekend to present our robot Aeolus and our FTC team Fear The Gear #21578. We met many local teams of FRC, FTC, and FLL! The primary focus was on the FLL teams, and one of our captains, Andrew Kasmiskie was a judge! We let the elementary FLL members drive Aeolus around to get experience for their futures with FRC. Unfortunately, the volunteers that set up the field forgot a bracket on a hangar bar so one of the kids rammed Aeolus into making it fall. Luckily, no one was hurt, and was an easy fix. Overall, it was an extremely rewarding day and we were very thankful for everyone that participated. Thank you to LTC for inviting us to this event!

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