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Cad Files!

Hello all! We have had a fantastic Pre-Season, and hope to have an even better season!. We all had a great time, and our design team has a few things to show you guys. These are all parts of a Mk4i swerve chassis that our design team lead had a blast making. If you want PDF's they're at the bottom along with a .STEP file of the robot!

This is the Mk4i Swerve chassis! Is wonderful and glorious in it's own right

The assembly drawing is shown on the right, all of the parts you see will be below!

This is the electrical panel for the robot, made on our trusty HAASE machine

These are the gussets that hold it all together. We used this opportunity to tune our Wazer to be perfect with no clogging for the season.

This is our battery panel, as you can see it has been swiss cheesed, we're saving as much weight as possible!

A corner picture of the battery holder, just so our manufacturing team doesn't have to get out magnifying classes in order to see the dimensions

Last but not least are the c-channel bars that we are using. Fun fact, as it turns out, the C Channel bar is just as strong as a swiss cheesed bar, but lighter!

The inner C channel Bar as well

Here are all of the PDFs and the .STEP file at the bottom!

Mk4i C Channel Chassis Drawing v4 (1)
Download PDF • 674KB

Electronics Board v3
Download PDF • 212KB

Gusset v5
Download PDF • 237KB

Download PDF • 269KB

Download PDF • 165KB

Chassis Bar v7
Download PDF • 242KB

Inner Bar 28 v4 (1)
Download PDF • 244KB

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